Solar Powered Plane Ride Desk Toy

Airplane Ride Motion Sculpture Lamp

In amusement parks there’s always that fantastic plane ride that goes round and round and lets kids believe they’re controlling their own airplane. The Solar Powered Plane Ride Toy will bring you back to your own childhood dreams of navigating through the clouds, and only caring if you had enough tickets to go around ten more times.

For this ride you don’t need to hand over any tickets. All you need is sunlight, and if you don’t have that then there’s a built-in lamp that will activate the solar panel and get the planes circulating. The entire toy is glamorized in a silver metallic shine to reflect whatever light hits it, and the old style of the planes and the print on the sign have a way of luring you back to your fondest carnival memories.

This is one of the most unique kinetic motion toys you’ll find. The Plane Ride whirls around, moving its 6 shiny airplanes in a circle, eliciting memories of carefree summer days at the local fair. The swiveling solar panel can get its power either from direct sunlight or from the lamp. Rotate the solar panel to face the sun, or if there’s not enough sunlight in your work environment, plug in the lamp and turn the solar panel to face it. A very attractive and fun motion toy for your office.

Though you might be mesmerized by the toy at first, at one point you’ll be able to block out the amusement and get back to work. As you know, it’s the little things in life that keep us going.

The Solar Powered Plane Ride Toy can be found at Amazon starting at $39.99 and also at Office Playground for $39.99.

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