Silicone Baking Ribbon

Silicone Baking Ribbon

There are a lot of baking molds and pans out there that let you bake your cakes in cool, awesome shapes, like the Peace of Cake pan, Mustache Baking Mold, and the Spooky Cake Tin Set. But unless you own a bakery or sell your cakes for a profit, then it wouldn’t be very practical to have so many of these baking pans lying around the kitchen.

What would be practical to have, though, is the Silicone Baking Ribbon. It’s a silicone ribbon that you can shape as you please before you pour your batter in. It’s not just for cakes either; now you can whip up brownies as thick as you want them to be, since you won’t be limited at all by the baking pan.

Flexible Silicone Baking Ribbon

Sick of pancake-thin brownies because your pan was too large or just tired of having more batter than your small pan can fit? Let Ribbon expand the ways you bake! The Ribbon is a modular baking pan that allows you to control the shape and the size of the baking area. Using the silicone band that attaches to the steel baking sheet with magnets, you can shape the baking area to fit the needs of your recipe and create different shaped molds for your cakes, brownies, and your most decadent desires. Ding! When you’re done baking simply peel away the silicone band to unleash those delicious treats!

The Silicone Baking Ribbon is up on right now, where you can give your opinion on how much you think the baking ribbon should be sold for.


  1. My sister and I would both like to buy this baking ribbon. We both like to bake cakes & T possibilities are endless

  2. So cool can I see a video ? I will like that lollipop

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