Cake-Sicle Pan

Cake-Sicle Pan

If moms had to choose between giving their kids a cookie or a Popsicle, which one do you think they’d be more comfortable giving? Sure, it all depends on the ingredients that go into making each. You could freeze up some Popsicles made from 100% fruit juice. You could bake some sugarless oatmeal cookies. So really, the choice is yours, but personally, I think it’s easier to inject a bit more nutrition into the baked goodies.

But if your kid is clamoring for Popsicles, then the Cake-Sicle Pan is a clever way to give your tiny one the best of both worlds. Just stick a Popsicle stick into your dough, bake it in the oven, and pull out eight delicious cookies on sticks that your kids will enjoy eating. You can also bake mini cakes using the pan, too. It’s a fun way to cook up (or rather, bake up) some festive treats that will make dessert even more enjoyable for the kids.

Cake-Sicle Pan

Cake-Sicle Pan

Cake-sicle pan bakes 8 mini cakes at a time. Just slip in a stick and start decorating! Use colorful, tasty frostings and sprinkles.

  • Measures 17.25 inches/44cm length, 11.25 inches/28.5cm width and .5 inches/1.25cm depth
  • Nonstick coating for easy release and cleaning
  • Includes recipes and 24 wooden sticks
  • Hand washing recommended

The Cake-Sicle Pan is available from for $12.97.


  1. Shouldn’t it be “You could bake some sugarless oatmeal cookies” and not “You could bake some sugarless and oatmeal cookies”?

    …I’ll shut up now.

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