Raiders of the Lost Ark Melting Toht Candle

Raiders of the Lost Ark Melting Nazi Candle

Looking for a candle to set a romantic mood? Well, the Raiders of the Lost Ark Melting Toht Candle probably isn’t what you want but it’s still a great find for those who enjoyed the gory end of Major Arnold Toht when the Ark of the Covenant was opened.

Don’t feel bad if you didn’t know Toht’s name because it wasn’t actually mentioned until the credits rolled by at the end. He was just the creepy evil Nazi guy, but he’s one of the most memorable characters in the movie.

The candle features a bust of Toht wearing his leather jacket, fedora, and glasses. His mouth is also gaping open to replicate the scene where he’s transformed into a puddle of goo.

If you’ve seen Raiders of the Lost Ark, there’s probably one scene that really sticks in the memory. No not that gigantic boulder tumbling after Indy, nor when he shoots that sword-twirling nutter in the market square, nor even when he has that uncomfortable staring contest with a cobra…

No, we’re talking about when ruthless Gestapo agent Toht gets his gory comeuppance at the end of the film – you know, when his eyes roll back like a couple of boiled eggs and he lets out a blood-curdling scream as his entire face dribbles off his skull. That bit. Just awesome. He did Nazi that coming.

Whether it left you with nightmares for weeks or just had you repeatedly hitting the re-wind button, celebrate the greatest death in all of cinema history with the Melting Toht Candle. Thankfully this detailed replica won’t melt quite as fast so you can really savour the moment.

The Raiders of the Lost Ark Melting Toht Candle is available for $24.99 at In Europe, it is available exclusively at, where it is £24.99 / €28.99.

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