Medieval Knight Cast Iron Battle Axes

Medieval Knight Cast Iron Battle Axes

Weapons are an interesting item to collect and display, especially ones that look as mighty as these Medieval Knight Cast Iron Battle Axes. Before gunpowder, these were the types of weapons the biggest and baddest warriors would often wield in battle.

Each of the three battle axes in this set are based on replicas made in France in the 1800s of authentic medieval weapons. They are cast in iron with intricate medieval motifs and finished in an antique bronze patina. There is a double-sided axe, a pick axe, and a lion axe. They measure 20″ to 24.5″ tall and weigh 3 to 4 pounds, depending on the particular battle axe.

The French are fascinated with their medieval history, as evidenced by these 19th century replicas now highly collected for decorating. We discovered the originals with a Paris antique dealer, and we recreated these quality foundry iron axes each cast with medieval motifs, then finished in a bronze patina. These are Toscano exclusives. Hand-crafted in iron using the ancient sand cast method, these Design Toscano originals feature an antique bronze finish to showcase its intricate markings.

  • Double-Sided Axe: 8½”W x 24½”H x 1″D. 4 lbs.
  • Pick Axe: 7½” W x 24½”H x 1″D. 4 lbs.
  • Lion Axe: 5″W x 20″H x 1″D. 3 lbs.

Buy the Violet-le-Duc Medieval Knight Cast Iron Display Battle Pick Axes direct from Design Toscano for $49.95 each or $129 for the set of three. Obviously the set of 3 is the better deal, and judging from the reviews it seems that they are well worth the price.

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