Marvel Thor Mighty Mjolnir Mailbox

Marvel Thor Mighty Mjolnir Mailbox

Constructed of a classified metal that is extremely durable, the Marvel Thor Mighty Mjolnir Mailbox looks good and is built to last. If anyone is so bold as to try to steal your mail from this mailbox, you needn’t worry, as it used facial recognition technology to only open for you and USPS employees (and up to 4 family members and friends that you enable.)

It is easy to check if you have letters waiting for you, because the sides light up (using solar power) when your mail has been delivered. It can even send push notifications to your mobile device, so you get an alert as soon as your mail has arrived.

In addition to holding your mail and being virtually unmovable, we’ve added some extra features to make this mailbox an active part of your smart home. Ever had people snooping around in your mailbox? Not anymore. Just like you have to be worthy to wield Thor’s hammer, you also have to be worthy to open this mailbox. This mailbox cannot be opened by anyone but official USPS workers and you. It comes with facial recognition technology that always has the most up-to-date list of USPS employees, and you can add up to 4 friends and family members as well.

Wondering if that mail has come yet? The sides will light up when your mail has been delivered (with optional push-notifications to your mobile device). Don’t worry about replacing batteries or running power cords – it runs on solar energy. Need to mail something? We’ve replaced the boring mailbox flag with the wings of Thor’s helmet. Because if we’re embracing authenticity, we might as well go all the way.

This Marvel Thor Mighty Mjolnir Mailbox is $149.99. It would be available exclusively at ThinkGeek if it wasn’t one of their infamous April Fool’s pranks. However, sometimes they actually end up building a product that started as an April Fool’s joke, and this one is my pick as the most likely to actually get made out of this year’s gags.


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