Firetiger Fish Mailbox

Rivers Edge Firetiger Fish Mailbox

There are plenty of ways to incorporate fishy things into your everyday life. You can decorate your curbside with Goldfish Garbage Bags, stick a Cthulhu Car Emblem on your car, tote your office supplies in a Hokke Mackeral Pencil Case, rest your head on a soft Sushi Pillow or hire Solar Sushi Dancers to entertain you. To add even more curb appeal to your home, you could install this Firetiger Fish Mailbox.

Firetiger Fish Mailbox

  • Designed to fit on a standard 2″ by 4″ or 4″ by 4″ post
  • Unique UV protection prevents fading
  • Comes complete with tamper proof mounting hardware
  • Perfect for any fishing enthusiast
  • Fish Mailbox with UV Protection Against Fading and Tamper Proof Mounting Hardware

A lot of urbanites only get the community mailbox hub and don’t have the luxury of having a fabulous mailbox to personalize. But for those lucky few who still have a mailbox post, why not take advantage of the situation and get something that stands out?  You can also use the mailbox to describe which house is yours. “It’s the second house on the left with the fish in front.”

To make a mailbox into a fish is so clever. You have the red flag for outgoing mail disguised as one of its fins and a wide red mouth which serves as the box opening. The lustrous metallic finish and embossing on the body resemble fish scales, while the silver fish hooks on either end also add a nice touch. The eyes also are an important detail that bring the whole thing to life.

You’ll be excited to discover the postal catch of the day with the River’s Edge Firetiger Fish Mailbox, available at from $73.36.  Also be sure to checkout Firetiger’s other mailbox cousins, the Baby Bass and the Catfish.

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