GoSun Sport Solar Camp Stove

GoSun Sport Solar Camp Stove

Cook while camping in the most eco-friendly way with the GoSun Sport Solar Camp Stove! This camping cooker uses patented technology to harness the power of the sun for baking, roasting, or steaming food at up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit. You might think this would take forever, but it can actually cook a meal in as little as 20 minutes.

While it won’t work at night or during a rainstorm (consider the Instant BBQ or the Portable BBQ), it can still work when it is cold and windy outside because it has near perfect vacuum tube insulation. It also will work even when there’s some clouds in the sky, because it can capture a broad range of radiation including ultraviolet light.

Go solar with our fastest solar oven. Bake, roast or steam a meal for two people in minutes, reaching up to 550°F (290°C). The Sport sets the bar for portable solar ovens.

GoSun’s patented solar cooking technology the most reliable there is. As long as you have a bit of sunshine, you’re in business. The vacuum insulated cooking chamber captures a broad range of radiation, including ultraviolet, meaning even a light over cast won’t stand in your way.

GoSun Sport Solar Cooker

Sunlight is focused by the compound parabolic reflectors onto the tube, heating the inner cooking chamber. The vacuum tube acts as a near-perfect insulator, converting more than 80% of the Sun’s rays into usable heat. The heat inside mimics that of an oven, building up to a staggering 550°F/ 280°C!


GoSun Sport Solar Camp Stove

  • Portable – Sets up in seconds and clamshells into a slim package weighing 7.5 lbs. Perfect for RVing, camping or just relaxing in the backyard.
  • All Seasons – No weather is too cold or windy for the GoSun solar cooker. It has near perfect vacuum tube insulation. If there’s Sun, you’re in business.
  • Set And Relax – No fire hazard here. Cook from 360° without hotspots. Just load your food, set a timer, and relax. Perfect for children!

You can order the GoSun Sport Solar Camp Stove for $249 with free shipping direct from GoSun. You can also find it at Brookstone and REI.

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