Bean Bag Onesie

Bean Bag Onesie

Comfortable and practical, the Bean Bag Onesie is perfect for lounging around. When snuggies first came out people made fun of them, but then everyone realized they were so warm and cozy that no one is laughing anymore. This product takes the snuggie to the next obvious direction by incorporating a bean bag chair right into the onesie. You’ll be the one laughing when you see everyone else standing around while you’re the one sitting in comfort. After all, “standing is for suckers.”

Waiting in line sucks. And if you’re into geeky fandoms, chances are that one day you’ll be forced to wait in line for a meet-and-greet, midnight premiere, or con. We’ve all envied that one person who brings a chair, but sometimes carrying around a fold-up chair is just too much (especially if you’ve managed to grab some awesome limited-edition swag). Why hasn’t someone fixed this yet?

Oh wait. We have. We’ve given the most comfortable clothing option a huge upgrade… or trunkgrade. Introducing the new ThinkGeek exclusive Bean Bag Onesie. Now you can sit wherever you want. It solves all of life’s most uncomfortable dilemmas.

Getting your license renewed and don’t want to lose your place in line? Bean bag onesie.
Crowded movie night at your friend’s place with no place to sit? Bean bag onesie.
Worried about snagging limited seating at the park? Not anymore. Bean bag onesie.
Don’t want to stand up to perform heart surgery? Actually… you might want to remain standing for that one. But you’ll look amazing in a bean bag onesie.

Rejoice! The struggle is finally over. Never stand when you can sit.

If it weren’t a ThinkGeek April Fool’s day product, the Bean Bag Onesie would be available for $89.99.

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