Magnetic Levitator Strobe

Magnetic Levitator Strobe

Sometimes adults need toys to play with to keep our hands and minds busy, and toys are great for the occasional boost of inspiration, too. Buckyballs, Buckycubes, Magnetic Thinking Putty and Magformers are excellent toys that use the strength of magnets to allow us to create unlimited numbers of crazy structures and abstract formations. Here’s another toy that uses magnets, but also LED lights. The Magnetic Levitator Strobe will keep you entertained and mesmerized for hours.

The Magnetic Levitator Strobe is an anti-gravity spinning device that appears to be floating in air. The strobe design flashes bright red LEDs to create intriguing light patterns around the spinning, levitating spindle. Give the spindle a good smooth spin and it can rotate for several minutes. The Magnetic Levitator Strobe is a kinetic motion toy that is great fun for any desk or office. Base – 5″ wide x 2.5″ high x 3″ diameter, black, hard plastic with glass plate. Spindle – all black with LEDs. Instructions included with packaging, batteries included (only required for LEDs, not required for spinning.)

Not only will you be amazed that the object is spinning in mid-air but you’ll also marvel over the light patterns that form as it spins. Swirly! It’s time to disco at your desk. Hopefully the flashes of light won’t cause anyone to get seizures.

Geeks just love things that levitate; UFOs, globes, people in magic shows. It’s probably because anything levitating on its own looks so abnormal and magic, when really it’s just a clever manipulation of different forces being put to use.

The incredible Magnetic Levitator Strobe is $13.99 at Office Playground.

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