Magnets alone are fun to play with, but toy makers have been pretty creative in coming up with novelty toys like the Tegu Discovery Magnet Set, Magnetic Thinking Putty and the Magnetic Spinning Top, just to name a few. Buckyballs are another type of magnetic toy that can provide hours of addictive hands-on fun.

Buckballs Magnets

Buckyballs Magents

Put an end to office fidgeting and boredom. Introducing a whole new breed of desk toy. More than just super-strong rare-earth magnets, buckyballs® are a moldable desktop stress reliever. They’re an addictive 3-dimensional building toy that can be shaped, torn apart and snapped together in unlimited ways. Make sculptures, puzzles, shapes, jewelry – you name it. Our set of 216 powerful magnets opens up an infinite variety of amazing possibilities. Available in original or executive editions in black nickel plate or gold plate.

  • choose from original with nickel plate, executive edition in rare black nickel plate or executive edition in gold plate
  • carrying case included
  • magnet grade: N35
  • each buckyball is 5mm in diameter
  • cube: 1 ½” high x 1 ½” wide x 1 ½” diameter

As you will see from the warning, Buckyballs are strictly grown-up toys. One point for the hometeam! They’d be a relief for constant fidgeters who struggle staying still, for those who need to work with their hands to get inspired, people who get stressed easily, people who get bored while chatting on the phone, for times when you have to sit in front of your computer while it’s upgrading, installing software or when you are uploading photos.

Buckyballs are attractive with their metallic sheen. People won’t be able to resist these things. The gold edition has that wow factor and looks like a million buck-ees. Well, maybe a hundred. You’d probably have to lock the Buckyballs up at night, just in case.

Buckyballs range from $29.95 to $34.95 at Red Envelope and would make a fabulous gift for someone who has it all.


  1. Are you being serious? Obviously buckyballs are marketed to kids and guns are marketed to possible-psychos who are adults.

    Granted guns, knives and acid are much more dangerous, but at the same time you won’t expect to find them at Walmart and Toy ‘R Us!

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