Social Media Fridge Magnets

Social Media Fridge Magnets

It’s a fine line between the real and virtual world. For some, both are already colliding. If you’d like to celebrate the influence of social media in your life nowadays, then the Social Media Fridge Magnets are an easy way to do all that. If you’re just into Facebook, then you might want to check out the Fridgebook Magnets instead.

The Social Media Fridge Magnets let you put up emoticons, move a magnetic cursor around, hold notes or grocery lists or other sorts of reminders up with a “Tweet” or a “Dislike” magnet.

Social Media Fridge Magnets

Social Media Fridge Magnets

Twenty-two different sayings and icons await you with each set of Social Media Fridge Magnets. You could use the like and dislike magnets to comment on your child’s artwork, maybe. Or perhaps use the event magnet on the calendar at work to highlight an upcoming party. Use your imagination, and add some fun social media themed charm to your refrigerator with a set of Social Media Fridge Magnets.

  • 22 fridge magnets, each with a big dash of social media flavor!
  • These magnets are, like, so magnetic.

The Social Media Fridge Magnets are available from ThinkGeek for $14.99.

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  1. These magnets look so fun. They are kind of like the new version of word magnets. I feel like so many people have wasted an afternoon making silly sentences on the refrigerator with a friend. Now you can add that social media flair to your kitchen. Honestly, I’m pretty sure that is completely unnecessary since social media and technology have already seeped very deeply into our everyday lives. But hey, we’ve already been sucked in, so why not have fun with it!
    Also, I really like your tattoo. Harry Potter for life!

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