Super Magformers Set

Super Magformers Set

If you’ve ever played with magnetic construction sets, you know how fun and addictive they can be. Maybe you’re familiar with Magnetix building sets, featuring neodymium magnetic rods and steel ball bearings. A great toy, but it can get tedious keeping all the pieces in one place with those roly bearings. Unfortunately, the parts have been known to be a choking hazard for little kids as well. This Super Magformers Set is similar to Magnetix in that you’re constructing 3D structures using the strength of magnets, but instead, you’re starting with magnetic triangles and squares.

Super Magformers Set

Explore & experiment with the geometric shaped Magformers to create simple & complex 3D models. Feel the magnetic force & have countless hours exploring the connection possibilities!
Recommended for: Preschooler 3-5 years, Kid 6-8 years, Both Girls & Boys .

This toy helps develop: Motor Skills (Fine or Gross)
Winner of Oppenheim Toy Portfolio – Best Toy Award!

These magnets are SUPER!

  • 18 SUPER squares
  • 12 SUPER Triangles
  • 216 SUPER Powerful Magnets
  • Idea booklet”

Showing off your finished Magformers design is one way to “attract” your peers. But you can also show off some pretty cool tricks by building your designs flat and then having them snap together as you lift up. Watch this gal perform some Magformers Magic:

There are other Magformers sets on the market that come with fewer pieces. But the more pieces you have, the more flexibility you have as far as building options go. You can find the Super Magformers Set at Chapters/Indigo for $84.95 or pre-order the set at Glammatoys for $69.95, where they will be available by 12/01/11.

And since you can never have enough magnetic toys, here are some others worthy of your attention: Magnetic Thinking Putty, Buckyballs, and the Tegu Discovery Magnet Set.

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