iWalletTechnology has come a long way, transforming just about everything in our lives. However, except for the credit-card-convenient Clever Aluminum Wallet, our old-fashioned wallets have just remained old… and vulnerable. The iWallet drags our favorite money-holder into the 21st century.

With a durable hard case made of Carbon Fiber, Fiber Glass, or Polycarbonate, and a built-in biometric sensor, the iWallet is like a pocket-sized safe that you can tote around. Others can try to get into it, but only your fingerprint provides access, and a Bluetooth link with your cellphone insures that your money and credit cards can’t even be taken too far away from you because an alarm will be triggered if the two devices are more than 10 to 15 feet away from each other. With the iWallet, you no longer have to worry about pickpockets or leaving your wallet behind on the counter at Starbucks.

open iWallet

Increase your peace of mind by making sure nobody else can get to your hard-earned money. Get the iWallet that matches your style and budget from iWallet.com for $299.00 to $599.95, depending on which style you choose.


  1. Looks nice, but way toooo high priced for Aluminum or PLASTIC. Even the bio print reader don’t cost that much. I’m seeing $80-120 and you really could sell a few. In the day of electronics, you can buy GPS, Laptops, etc. for cheap. What you have here is a novelity. Email me when the price is right? James

  2. Sir, hello, is it possible to make us a new Wallet with all the options of the WWW Wallet. VOLTERMAN.COM, if possible added a GPS, and a small camera that can send photos of the person trying to open the wallet to the smartphone, can be a great idea for you, I wish you a very good success for this good project , All my best regards, Taher-Tunisia

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