Hush Real Action Hero Batman Action Figure

Hush Batman Real Hero Action Figure

One of the biggest events in comic book history was the Batman: Hush storyline, which is why it’s fitting that the Hush Real Action Hero Batman Action Figure is an equally big action figure.

Standing almost 12-inches tall, the 1:6 scale action figure is sculpted from an original Jim Lee design and features detailed craftmanship and tailoring.

The figure comes with three sets of hands (open hand, closed fist, fingers spread) and the cape features a wire armature throughout the outside hem for dynamic posing. Points of articulation include ball-joint neck and head, bi-pivot/twist shoulders, pivot elbows, cut biceps, cut chest, twist waist, ball-joint hips, and pivot knees.

The Hush Batman Real Action Hero Action Figure is available for $199.99 at Entertainment Earth and $132.94 at

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