hipKey Proximity and Movement Alarm


Whether you want to keep tabs on your belongings or your little ones, hipKey is one of the easiest ways of ensuring that you won’t lose anything important ever again. The aluminum and plastic disks pair with your iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth Smart, alerting you when objects drift too far apart. This distance can be chosen up to 164 feet.

This allows you to ensure that you don’t forget your phone, keys, pets, kids, older relatives and other important things/people/pets. You can keep it in a bag to alert you if anyone tries to steal it, clip it to your child’s belt to ensure that they don’t get lost. The device even has a motion mode, which will trigger the alarm if anyone moves the sensor.


hipKey is a great way of keeping an eye on your valuables. More than just an iPhone tracker, this proximity sensor can help you find your iPad, wallet, or even your loved ones.

  • Long range of up 164 feet
  • Designed to fit in your palm or pocket
  • Easy to set up and use via app on iPhone and iPad
  • Motion sensor
  • Loud alarm

The hipKey is available for $89.95 at the Apple Store.

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