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Apple Store Coupons

Apple StoreApple Store Coupons

Ever since Apple, Inc. opened its online store in 1997, four years before its first retail computer shops appeared at Tyson’s Corner and Glendale Galleria, Apple has been a favorite destination for geeks. The Apple Store carries all of Apple’s product lines along with select brands of accessories for Apple products including Macintosh computers, iPhones, iPods, and iPads.

You can pop over to store.apple.com to outfit your MAC with memory, keyboards, power sources, printers, MAC OS compatible software, speakers, cables, airport and wireless gear, scanners, server accessories, video devices, storage media, AirPrint printers, and attractive bags and notebook cases. At Apple online, you’ll find top sellers like the Magic Mouse. We techies love this mouse’s revolutionary multi-touch technology with built-in software that lets us configure it anyway we want – not to mention its sleek design.

The Apple Store is famous for its software that allows gifted people to create original works, whether you’re interested in photography, video production, web design, music creation, or design and publishing. Find popular Apple software such as iLife, iWork, QuickTime, iTunes, MobileMe, Final Cut, and GarageBand Jam. Apple also carries other top quality MAC compatible software including Adobe’s Create Suite, Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator CS5, Flash, and Dreamweaver.

We geeks aren’t known only for our tech savvy, but also for our abilities to organize and categorize. So no doubt you’ll love arranging your music library on devices like iPod shuffle, iPod nano, iPod touch, and, if you want to go old school, the iPod classic. And of course there’s Apple TV, because why watch TV the outdated way? You can even jump right onto iTunes from the AppleStore and download music, movies, and television so you can crank it up while tinkering with technology.

What tech lover would be caught without his or her smart phone? If iPhone is your communication tool of choice, you can find all the accessories you need for the iPhone 3G or 4 at this online shop: power sources, car chargers, armbands, headsets, cables, docks, speakers, and bold, colorful cases to show off your gadget. And aps, of course. This online shopping website is a great place to find new, clever iPhone applications.

Finally, if you haven’t already jumped on the iPad bandwagon, you can order one from this website, or get a second as a gift with a personal engraving. You can now get personalized engraving for your newly purchased iPhones and iPods too, and nothing will say I love you to a fellow geek like an engraved gadget.