Have you ever heard of Kickstarter? Well it is “the largest funding platform for creative projects in the world,” and we think this CruxFLIP for iPad and iPad 2 looks like a great product. It is the world’s first iPad to feature a 360 degree hinge which allows you to position your iPad’s screen to any angle between 0-90 degrees for perfect viewing all the time. Many regular everyday iPad cases have fixed angels that don’t always maximize viewing, especially when you are getting in a relaxed, laid-back position. Stop getting frustrated and start getting comfortable with the CruxFLIP.

The CruxFlip not only offers you adjustable viewing angles, it also protects your iPad with its lightweight smartcover which automatically turns your iPad off when closed.

CruxFLIP iPad2 Case

This CruxFLIP not only looks cool, it can do almost anything in style.

0-90 Degrees – You get a full 0-90 degrees when positioning your iPad’s screen. Get your perfect angle whether holding it in your lap on an airplane, lying down in bed, or on top of a table. Movie Mode – Position the iPad’s screen to any position between 0-90 degrees. Find your perfect viewing angle 100% of the time. The magnets in the cover will automatically turn your iPad on when opened and off when closed. Tablet Mode – Rotate the cover completely back onto itself and use the iPad as a tablet. Great for reading books or magazines. The soft-touch finish allows better handling of the iPad. Carry Mode – The magnetic cover keeps your CruxFLIP completely shut for easy carrying. In addition, it automatically turns the iPad off when closed.

CruxFLIP iPad Case

CruxFLIP iPad & iPad 2 All Purpose Case

The CruxFLIP is the world’s first iPad case of its kind. It has a 360 degree hinge which allows you to position your iPad’s screen to any angle between 0-90 degrees. Perfect for placing in your lap or on top of a table. The CruxFLIP features:

  • 1) 360 Degree Hinge – Position your iPad’s screen to any angle
  • 2) Protection – Protect your iPad from dings and scratches
  • 3) Light Weight – Weights only 400 grams
  • 4) Thin Profile – Adds only 8mm thickness to iPad
  • 5) Smart Cover – Automatically turns iPad on and off
  • 6) Magnetic Closure – Automatically keeps cover closed
  • 7) Soft-Touch Finish – Extremely durable and soft to the feel
  • 8) Technology – Patent Pending
  • 9) Hinges – Strong, maintains screen position
  • 10) Buttons – Cutouts for easy access to all iPad buttons and ports

Go to CruxFLIP to learn more and help make this project a reality.


  1. I really like the articles that you post and every time I come here I get knowledgeable information! Can you check for an email I sent over a couple days ago to your info mailbox? Thanks!

  2. I see they’re going for the big bucks with an iPad acc., good for them. They’d get even more if it were also made for Android tabs.

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