Hub Innovations REV360 iPad Case Review

REV360 iPad Case Review

A few months ago GeekAlerts introduced you to the REV360 iPad Case and we were lucky enough to get one sent to us for review over the holidays. While being very affordable, this case also offers some of the finer details missing from other cases in its class and few innovative features that make it stand out.

First off, the fit and finish were great. We were easily able to slip our iPad into the case without any issues and the case fit secure and snug around the iPad. The molded polyurethane case seems to be very tough and will protect against scratches and possible impacts…We weren’t willing to drop our iPad from any real height to test out the true shock absorbing nature of the case, but we believe it will help to some extent in the instance that you accidentally drop yours.

We also noticed that all the appropriate cutouts matched up and offered plenty of space to connect the compatible cords. Many cases have cutouts that are too small or very tight when you try to actually plug in things like the power cord. We didn’t have any issue like that with Hub Innovations REV360 case.

We found the rotating disk with safety-grip hand-pad and strap to be very useful when multitasking and walking around. You can easily share information with friends and coworkers by simply turning the case into the desired position all while it is securely fashioned to your hand. The one size fits all strap, is just that. We let several writers with hands ranging from small to large try it out and all agreed that it was a secure fit without any discomfort.

REV360 iPad Case

  • Flip it, spin it, turn it share it
  • Molded polyurethane, material tough enough for skateboard wheels, that takes tons of abuse without scuffing
  • Molded ridges at the edges for ease of grip and tabletop stability
  • Thermoplastic ABS, sturdy enough to take a beating
  • Conforms to your hand’s natural tendency to rest in a curved state
  • A cover that rotates around the hand disc with a precise indexing mechanism — position your iPad at 36 points
  • Rests perfectly at a gentle slope for table top or desk use


When you don’t need your iPad in hand, we found the REV360 case works well as stand for viewing when just sitting on a desk or other flat surface. The slight upward angle provides a good visual display and the case is sturdy enough that you can do some quick editing with both hands while it rests on a desktop.

Overall, GeekAlerts feels that this is a good quality case and it worked very well with our original series iPad. While we only had a month or so with the case, it did get plenty of use and we didn’t notice any wear and tear issues with it. The rotating disk design continues to functions as well as it did when we first received it and we expect it to do so for a long time.

You can purchase the REV360 iPad Case in in an assortment of colors and designs for both the iPad and iPad 2 with prices starting at $41.97 on and with prices starting at $49.95 at Hub Innovations.

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