4iiii Innovations Sportiiiis, World’s 1st Heads Up Display For Athletes

4iiii Innovations Sportiiiis

For athletes looking to gain an edge on their competition and to take their training to new heights, the newly announced Sportiiiis is going to help. 4iiii Innovations just announced the release of Sportiiiis, the world’s first heads up display and audio feedback system for athletes, at this year’s CES show. Pronounced Sport-Eyes, this lightweight system easily attaches to your sunglasses or other sports wear to provide you with real-time visual and audio feedback.

Sportiiiis allows you to keep your eyes focused on the road and the task at hand, while 7 little LED indicator lights flash at the bottom of your glasses to indicator when a goal is attained. Designed to work in conjunction with ANT+ technology, you can keep track of performance rated targets like heart rate, speed, power, cadence, pace and more. Visual feedback is a key to successful training for athletes looking to increase their performance levels while maintaining safety.

4iiii Innovations Sportiiiis, World’s1st Heads Up Display For Athletes

Using the Mac, PC or Smartphone software, the LEDs can be programmed to visually respond to data from ANT+ devices. For example, when paired with a heart rate strap, you can create a custom setup for how the LEDs will respond to your heart rate. This workout program is then downloaded to the Sportiiiis unit.

Sportiiiis Features

  • Multi-colored LED boom provides instant visual feedback of critical workout and racing data including heart rate, cadence, power, speed, pace and other ANT+ compatible data
  • Lightweight unit (10g) with adjustable boom easily attaches to virtually any pair of glasses
  • LED boom is positioned in your secondary vision, guiding you to your target zone while eliminating the need to take your eyes off the road
  • Powerful software enables you to create personalized zone profiles
  • Built-in speaker for instant audible feedback
  • TipTapTM technology enables control of unit functions by simply tapping on the unit – tap once for audio feedback and twice to change between paired sensors

You can learn more and pre-order your Sportiiiis Heads up Display for $199.99 at 4iiii.com. Deliveries will start at the end of January.


  1. Love the simplicity of seeing a color that tells me if I’m on track. Processing a number is way too complicated when I’m focused on training. Have been using this for a few months and have taken minutes off my time already.

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