iPod DJ Mixer Stereo Boom Bag

iPod DJ Mixer Stereo Boom Bag

Didn’t find anything interesting in the Boombox Bags For Retro Geeks entry? Check out this funky retro style NGC DJ Mixer Stereo Boom Bag for iPod.

NGC have brought the iconic 80’s Boom Box up to date with the Boom Bag, a stylishly designed bag that cleverly hides an FM radio and set of speakers allowing you to connect your MP3, mobile phone or CD player for tunes on the move.

iPod DJ Mixer Stereo Boom Bag

The Boom Bag lets you share your music wherever you are. Plug in your player using the lead provided and you have an instant stereo. Not only that but it looks pretty cool too with either a retro 8 track or decks and mixer design.

The NGC DJ Mixer Stereo Boom Bag for iPods is available from the iWorld.co.uk website for ÂŁ18.99 (about $38 USD).

(Via Chip Chick)


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