Mobileye 5-Series – World’s 1st Smartphone Driver Assistance System

Mobileye 5-Series

We don’t need the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to tell us how unsafe the roads are. It only takes a few seconds of inattention to cause an accident and Mobileye has developed a way to help reduce roadway collisions and make driving safer for everyone.

Mobileye, an industry leader in Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS), introduced the Mobileye 5-Series – World’s 1st Smartphone Driver Assistance System at the 2012 CES show in Las Vegas. This device looks to add another level of safety to the driving while enhancing the driver experience.

By using cutting edge technology, the Mobileye systems can read speed limit signs, control your cars hi beam lights, alert drivers to things like unintended lane departures, pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorcyclists, and even help alert you to imminent collisions and rear-end collisions all by the use of a smart camera, proprietary algorithms, and microprocessor working in conjunction with your smartphone.

This new series will feature enhanced technology like Bluetooth capabilities and Mobileye Smartphone Applications to continually update and further enhance safety and the driving experience.

“The introduction of Bluetooth technology and our intelligent Smartphone app allows drivers to be more in tune with their surroundings,” stated Isaac Litman, CEO, Mobileye Products. “The app also provides drive statistics including how many speed limit indications or headway collision notifications were presented if the user chooses the option on the display. This makes the driver more aware of his driving habits.”

Safety Functions include:

  • Mobileye Lane Departure Warning (LDW) – this advanced system alerts the driver when unintentionally veering into another lane. This also conditions the driver into using turn signals when changing lanes.
  • Mobileye Forward Collision Warning (FCW) – a driver can be alerted up to 2.7 seconds before a collision, allowing enough time to react and avoid collisions.
  • Mobileye Headway Monitoring and Warning (HMW) – provides programmable visual and audio alerts before collisions. It also serves to educate the driver to keep a safe following distance from the vehicle ahead.
  • Mobileye Pedestrian Collision Warning (PCW) – prevents or mitigates accidents during the daytime with visual and audio warnings up to 2 seconds before an imminent collision with a pedestrian or bicyclist.

Convenience features include

  • Mobileye Intelligent High Beam (IHC) – lowers and raises high beams without inconveniencing oncoming or preceding traffic.
  • Mobileye Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR) including Speed Limit Indication (SLI) – detects and classifies various traffic signs including speed limit signs.

The Mobileye 5-Series will work with the majority of cars, trucks, and other vehicles on the road and it has been incorporated into many automotive brands like BMW, General Motors, Chrysler, Volvo, Hyundai and Ford already.

To learn more about the two Mobileye 5-Series Systems (Mobileye 560 and Mobileye 550), go to where list prices are expected to be $749 USD for the 550 and $849 USD for the 560 model.

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