Harry Potter Mustache T-Shirt

Harry Potter Mustache T-Shirt

If you enjoy boy wizards, giving your razor a break during Movember, and roll-your-eye funny puns, then you’ll be waving a wand and saying Accio Harry Potter Mustache T-Shirt to summon this puntastic tee into your closet.

This is the type of shirt that will immediately divide your friends into two groups – those who catch puns and those who don’t. It’s totally up to you to decide if all parties involved remain in your social circle.

The shirt features Professor Dumbledore’s apology to Harry when asking for his assistance yet again – Once again I must ask (mustache) too much of you, Harry. If anyone looks at the shirt, scratches their head, and gives you a quizzical look… well, I did say it was up to you as whether you continue calling them friend but I’d have my doubts.

The Harry Potter Mustache T-Shirt, which is also available in Women’s Fit, can be yours for $14.99 at ThreadPower’s Etsy shop.

(via The MarySue)

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