50-Piece Mustache Glow Shapes

50-Piece Mustache Glow Shapes

I remember writing some entertainment web news a while back, when Brad Pitt was growing a mustache for his role in the Tarantino film Inglourious Basterds. He said some prophecy to the effect of bringing the mustache back in style. Back then I was like, “Yeah, right. Mustaches are ug. Nobody wants a mustache.” But in retrospect, I think there was an ounce of truth to his words. We now have Mustache-Shaped Soap, the Humunga Stache, Mustache Egg Fryer, Mustache Baking Mold and Moustachio Plush Pillow, for crying out loud. Here’s just one more item to dump into the stache craze: the 50-Piece Set of Mustache Glow Shapes.

Dazzle your room with these mustaches, so full of color. Activate them with black lights or regular lights, and watch a constellation of assorted mustaches glowing in the pitch dark. Can you imagine anything more beautiful than a ceiling bearing this much personality? I spy the Purple Pieman, Charlie Chaplin and Weird Al Yankovic!

Spencer’s has the 50-Piece Set of Mustache Glow Shapes for $9.99.

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