Full Plastinated Human Body

Plastinated Human Body

Let’s say you’re a medical school professor dedicated to studying and teaching about the human body. Then this Plastinated Human Body would be a perfect specimen to have. Or maybe you’re just a really creepy (and rich) dude. Again, this would be the perfect specimen to have to keep visitors company in your dungeon or perhaps to share a bed with you.

This is indeed a real human body (minus the pesky skin) that has been infused with silicone rubber for preservation and protection. It clearly shows muscles, internal organs, blood vessels, and nerves making it “most suited for studying the locomotive system, the inner organs (respiratory organs, circulatory, intestinal and genitourinary tract) as well as the peripheral nervous system.”

The head shows the facial muscles with superficial arteries and veins (if available) as well as sensible branches of facial nerve, greater and smaller occipital nerve, auriculotemporal nerve together with the parotid and submandibular gland. On the left side the skull is opened to show the natural position of the brain.

Combined superficial and deep dissection of the muscles of the extremities. The origins and insertions of each muscle are clearly demonstrated by removal of the connective tissue.

For opening the thoracic cavity, the sternum has been cut in midline and the anterior wall opened like a double door, allowing examination of the thoracic organs in situ from the front.

For about $100,000, this Plastinated Human Body No. 3-1 can be yours. Sweet dreams.


    • Since these are made from “criminals” executed in China (read: members of provincial minorities and political dissidents), I’m sure nobody really cares.

      • Wow, this is horrible. I always assumed the bodies were donated by the people (like how people decide to donate their own bodies to science after they die), but it looks like there is plenty of evidence that recently came out that many of these bodies are from Chinese prisoners. Many of these prisoners may not even be criminals, but are prisoners of conscience.

  1. Makings of a horror movie there. A guy buys one of those, and it turns out to have been a serial killer that comes back to life in the guy’s apartment.

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