Death’s Gambit Official Trailer

Deaths Gambit

Adult Swim just released the Death’s Gambit Official Trailer and announced the release date: August 14, 2018. This hardcore 2D action platformer is filled with rich RPG elements. In the game you serve as an agent of Death, bound to his service as you explore an alien medieval planet filled with beasts, knights, and horrors.

Death’s Gambit from developer White Rabbit will be released for PC (Steam) and the PlayStation 4 on August 14, 2018. Pre-order now to get the Chosen of Death pack, an exclusive set of starter items including Necrotic Shield, The Death Scythe, and Legendary Pale Mount.

Watch the Death’s Gambit Official Trailer here:

The promise of immortality lies at the heart of Siradon. As Death’s right hand, challenge the undying guardians of the realm and endure the eternal struggle to purge their souls. But what reward awaits a faithful servant of Death?

Death’s Gambit is a hardcore 2D action platformer with rich RPG elements. Master the precise combat, utilizing a wide variety of weapons and abilities to confront the horrors that lurk deep within Siradon. Explore a mysterious and unforgiving world to uncover the true price of immortality. Embrace the challenge of being an agent of Death.

In Death’s Gambit, you hunt and slay mighty boss creatures, each one requiring a unique strategy. Explore an alien world that spans dark forests, medieval towns, frozen wastes and more.

Build an impressive arsenal of powerful blades and helpful spells. Scale buildings and beasts with your trusty grappling hook.

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