Chuck Norris Talking Bobble Head

Chuck Norris Talking Bobble Head

When it comes to tough, nobody beats Chuck Norris. Even the Chuck Norris Talking Bobble Head can kick your butt, and you know we’re talking serious toughness when a Bobble Head doesn’t take crap from anybody.

In addition to adding a whole new level of macho to wherever you place it, the Bobble Head version of Chuck will also spout off a few ‘facts’ about the action hero, with witty Chuckisms like:

“Chuck Norris makes onions cry.”
“Chuck Norris doesn’t wear a watch; he decides what time it is.”
“Chuck Norris doesn’t breathe; he holds air hostage.”
“Chuck Norris beat the sun in a staring contest.”
“You win some; you lose some. Chuck Norris wins ALL.”
“Chuck Norris is not afraid of death; death is afraid of Chuck Norris.”

Movie fans might also get an extra little charge of excitement when they realize this is the exact same outfit that Chuck wore for “Invasion U.S.A.”

Chuck Norris in Invasion USA

Add some roundhouse-kicking awesomeness to your life with the Chuck Norris Talking Bobble Head for $12.99 from Entertainment Earth.


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