Wonder Woman Computer Sitter Bobble Head

Wonder Woman Computer Sitter Bobble Head

If you’ve already got the Batman and Boba Fett Computer Sitter Bobble Heads, how about balancing the gender ratio by letting the Wonder Woman Computer Sitter Bobble Head join the party?

Back in the 70’s and 80’s, there were just a handful of women superheroes for girls to look up to compared to the numerous superheroes guys had to pick from. Wonder Woman was the all-time favorite, followed by Supergirl, She-Ra, and maybe Lady Jaye from GI Joe. Actress Lynda Carter really made Wonder Woman come to life on the shortly-run TV show, and little girls like me really wanted to be her. Our dreams came true, thanks to the invention of Underoos. As adults we have the option to dress up as Wonder Woman for Halloween or hoard stuff made in her honor.

Now you can customize your workspace with your favorite super hero! The Wonder Woman Computer Sitter sits on top of your monitor while she looks after your workspace and protects your desk from evil villains. Use the provided sticky pad to keep her right in place. Plus, the Wonder Woman Computer Sitter is also a fun bobble head toy. With the powers of Wonder Woman, you’ll feel like you can tackle almost anything!

She keeps watch over your computer. This cool plastic bobble head of Wonder Woman has her seated in a sultry yet ladylike position. This awesome computer sitter measures approximately 3 1/2-inches tall, and her head bobbles with the slightest touch! Order yours today!
For Ages 13 +

The Wonder Woman bobble head is a caricature of the superheroine, but she’s unmistakably Wonder Woman and will add instant inspiration and curb appeal to your workspace. And Batman and Boba Fett won’t mind her company, either.

You can find the Wonder Woman Computer Sitter Bobble Head at Entertainment Earth for $8.99 and at Office Playground for $9.99.

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