Batman Game of Rogues T-Shirt

Batman Game of Rogues T-Shirt

Batman would totally own Westeros if he were in Game of Thrones so it’s only right that the Batman Game of Rogues T-Shirt shows the Dark Knight sitting upon a throne made from the items obtained from his fallen adversaries.

Bruce Wayne’s dark alter-ego has made quick work of his Rogue’s Gallery, creating a nifty piece of furniture to rule Gotham from. Would the Caped Crusader actually name himself ruler? You have to figure there’s at least a small chance. After all, we’re talking about a rich guy who goes around at night dressed like a giant rat with wings.

The highly-detailed artwork, created by Ninjaink, features Batman sitting upon a throne created from interesting items like Two-Face’s giant coin, the Riddler’s cane, and Bane’s mask. There’s even a cat statue, although I’d be willing to bet the Bat made Selina Kyle his queen in this scenario.

Batman Game of Rogues Shirt

The Batman Game of Rogues T-Shirt is available for $19.95 at NeatoShop.

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