World’s Largest Coffee Cup

World's Largest Coffee Cup

I love my morning cup of coffee and probably won’t be able to last a day without downing at least two cups, but I still think the World’s Largest Coffee Cup is pretty silly. I mean, we all need coffee, but who needs that much? Unless, of course, it’s for sharing. But for obvious reasons, I think a coffee pot would do a better job rather than this giant cup.

The World’s Largest Coffee Cup can hope up to twenty regular cups of coffee. That’s enough coffee for you and nineteen of your closes friends, family, or colleagues, who are all willing to drink from the same cup. Of course, you can also use this giant-sized cup for storing random stuff or for serving up soup or other food.

And on the other end of the spectrum, there’s the miniatureĀ Squirrel Coffee Cup that’s just the right size for–you guessed it!–squirrels.

World's Largest Coffee Mug

World’s Largest Coffee Cup

Is there any greater symbol of your love of coffee than 6″ (15.2 cm) tall, 10″ (25.4 cm) in diameter real porcelain cup perched on the edge of your desk or kitchen counter? While you should never drink 20 cups of coffee in one sitting, you can take comfort in knowing that the World’s Largest Coffee Cup could hold 20 regular cups. Of course, that’s only 19 cups if you leave room for cream. Made of porcelain.

TheĀ World’s Largest Coffee Cup is available from McPhee for $47.50.

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  1. Here’s *my* giant coffee cup (an xmas gift from my daughter-in-law)…

  2. Very good size) I want it…

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