R2-D2 Souvenir Cup

Disneyland R2-D2 Cup

Remember a while back when we posted about that cool R2-D2 Coffee Mug? Some of the sites selling it were Japanese, and we pointed out that one image we published obviously didn’t match the others. In the comments someone mentioned it was from Disneyland. Sure enough, on a recent trip to the theme park I picked up one of these R2-D2 Souvenir Cups.

R2-D2 Souvenir Cup

You too can pick up one of these R2-D2 souvenir dessert cups for $11.49 plus tax at two locations within Tomorrowland: Red Rocket’s Pizza Port or the Tomorrowland Terrace. The price is actually a steal, at least compared to typical Disney prices, because it comes with a chocolate parfait dessert that normally costs $4.99. So this R2-D2 cup ends up costing less than $7 when you factor in the included chocolate parfait.

Disneyland R2-D2 Drink Cup

As you can see in the above picture this R2-D2 cup is actually quite large, towering over a 12 ounce can of Diet Cherry Coke and a LEGO Star Wars R2-D2 minifigure. It stands about 8.5 inches tall, and the top is hinged. Although it is sold as a dessert cup (even though the chocolate parfait it comes with is in a separate disposable container), once you get it home it is well suited as a beverage cup or a pencil holder.

Update: You can save a trip to Disneyland, because now you can actually buy these on Amazon.com.

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