Dessert Sponges

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Cleaning is a dirty job, but we all have to do things we don’t like once in a while. To get yourself motivated, it helps to find some perks. For example, you could start with a pair of Tattoo Kitchen Gloves and start attacking the grime with a set of sinfully delicious Dessert Sponges.

Choose from a four-layered cake, frosted pink donut plus sprinkles, floating strawberry cake or a slice of strawberry shortcake. It’s too tough a decision, just like picking from the dessert menu. Now that Mother’s Day is coming up, an entire set of dessert sponges could make a sweet gesture. Hopefully mom doesn’t take it the wrong way, thinking that you think she exists to clean up your mess. Well, at least the sponges won’t leave any bruises if she throws them back at you.

We LOVE a good Dessert, and we love a good Dessert we can use to clean the dishes, scrub the floors, and wipe the whipped cream from our faces. Get all of the above with these Delicious Dessert Sponges. Each Sponge is heavy duty with a scrubbing pad on the bottom for extra tough dishes. Now you’ll have a reason to lick your lips every time you clean up. However, you don’t really need to clean up… EVER. just decorate your filthy mess piles with these Dessert Sponges and no one will ever even notice the problem at hand. They are approximately 4″-5″ in height with 5″-6″ in length.

The Dessert Sponges are on sale at for $4.95 each.

Sticking with the dessert theme, keychains have also been made to look like our favorite desserts. Check out these Kidrobot Yummy Dessert Keychains. Collect them all.

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