Spongioli Gourmet Kitchen Sponges

Spongioli Ravioli Kitchen Sponge

Doing the dishes isn’t a chore that many people would volunteer to do. But it could be, if you had the right tools. For example, it would be a lot more fun if you used the Pacman Kitchen Sponge. If you’re less of the video gaming type and more of a foodie, then perhaps the Spongioli Gourmet Kitchen Sponges would fit your taste better.

The Spongioli Gourmet Kitchen Sponges look like ravioli, although I’m sure they won’t taste or feel like how real ravioli would. Each pack contains six of these super-absorbent sponges that will help you get your dishes done in no time.

Spongioli Ravioli Kitchen SpongeSpongioli Gourmet Kitchen Sponges

Designed to look almost as tasty as a fresh ravioli, this pack of 6 Ravioli shaped Kitchen Sponges are just the thing for your gourmet kitchen!

* Includes 6 Sponges
* Super Absorbent, Antibacterial
* Each Measures: 2.75 x 2.75 x .25 inches

The Spongioli Gourmet Kitchen Sponges are available from Retro Planet for $11.49.

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