Caffeine Molecule Coffee Mug

Caffeine Molecule Coffee Mug

Get molecular with your coffee consumption with the Caffeine Molecule Coffee Mug, and let that cup of java be as educational as it is invigorating.

Coffee is the sweet, sweet nectar that starts the day for many of us, so it’s only proper that we know as much about the science behind our liquid friend as possible… and the main thing we know is that the coffee is simply the delivery system for what we really crave – caffeine.

Of course, coffee isn’t the only thing we drink that’s loaded with the stimulant but let’s just sort of pretend it is for the moment since we’re talking about a coffee cup.

The educational part of your morning ritual begins when you pay attention to what you have your hand wrapped around, which is a molecular model of C8H10N4O2 AKA caffeine. No, you probably won’t be tested on this but isn’t it nice to start the day with knowledge that most of your co-workers and friends won’t have?

The mug, which was created with a 3D printer, is made of non-toxic, glazed ceramic and holds 7 ounces of coffee… or any preferred beverage of choice. If you prefer a drink with a little more kick, you can also go for the Caffeine Molecule Espresso Cup.

Caffeine Molecule Coffee Cup

Get all up in the science of caffeine with the Caffeine Molecule Coffee Mug for about $70 at ShapeWays.

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