Willow ECO Three Wheel Run-A-Bout

Willow ECO Three Wheel Run-A-Bout

Green Technology is associated with being environmentally friendly, but is sometimes considered boring. Well you can forget about the boring part! Designer Eric Strebel gives us a good look at what happens when you combine ingenuity with green technology. The Willow ECO Three Wheel Run-A-Bout is a three wheeled electric scooter that is made from laminated wood.

The laminated wood provides a sturdy and cost effective frame capable of carrying two people plus some small supplies. The Willow also features recycled airless tires with a front hub-less wheel basket, independent rear suspension, and uses local sustainable materials avoiding plastics. An app on your smartphone will control vehicle management features such as charging and navigation.

Willow RuN-A-BouT

Designed for the small streets in tightly knit communities such as Amsterdam, this run-a-bout will be a perfect alternative to the traditional bike when you need a break from every day exercise.

The Willow is currently entered in the Shell game changer contest at Local-Motors. To vote for the Willow and see more, click here, keeping in mind that 5 is the highest! Don’t forget to leave a comment about what you like about the Willow. Hurry, voting ends March 4th at 23:59 (GMT).

Hopefully we will see the Willow cruising local parks and neighborhoods in the near future. To see more pictures and learn more go to The Fordge.com.

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