Desktop Carnivorous Plant Set

Desktop Carnivorous Plant Set

If you are a fan of movie/musical Little Shop of Horrors, then you’ll want to get one of these Desktop Carnivorous Plant Sets. Ever since Audrey II ate Orin Scrivello, a lot of people have had a huge fascination on carnivorous plants. In school, we were taught that plants just need sunlight and water to grow. But these plants are different, because they need more than just water; they need some insect meat, too…and maybe a little taste of Steve Martin

Carnivorous Plant Set

The Desktop Carnivorous Plant Set has everything you need to start your own little carnivorous plant garden: seeds of 10 varieties of meat-eating flora, a growing dome, and some planting mixture. It’s also got some other stuff thrown into the mix to decorate your own little dome, like blue swamp rocks, bog buddies, and photo decals.

The Desktop Carnivorous Plant Set is ready to bite when you are. They’re available from ThinkGeek for $24.99 each.

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