Grow Your Own Banana Tree

Grow Your Own Banana Tree

True or false? Banana trees can only be grown in tropical climates. False! They can also be grown indoors, thanks to the Grow Your Own Banana Tree kit.

Grow Your Own Banana Tree

  • Banana trees are easy and fun to grow – so grow your own, already.
  • The banana tree grows about a foot in its first month and as much as six feet in its first year.
  • Actually, it’s not a tree at all; it’s the world’s largest herb!
  • DIY Nanners Includes:
    • Windowsill greenhouse
    • Banana tree seeds
    • Planting mixture
    • Instructions

I can actually vouch that banana trees grow very well indoors and not only in Honduras. My parents had a tree growing for several years in our not-so-tropical Midwestern abode. Just don’t get your hopes up and expect a bunch of bananas to sprout one day, because it’s just not gonna happen.

So Think Geek, if the banana tree isn’t really a tree, then is the banana really a fruit? You live so long only to find that everything you believed isn’t true.

Anyway, there’s nothing more gratifying than raising your very own plant from a seedling. With this DIY kit, you will get to foster your plant from the very beginning in a mini greenhouse that’s designed for your windowsill. Once the plant grows, you’ll eventually have a beautiful tree with large, shiny leaves. By the time you’ve mastered the first tree, you’ll want to start your own plantation.

You can find the Grow Your Own Banana Tree for only $9.99 at

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