DIY Giant Sequoia

DIY Giant Sequoia

Do you need a gift for that person or child that you really don’t want to buy a gift for?  You know, the person that never appreciates anything and always asks for more.  Well the DIY Giant Sequoia is perfect for them.  Not only is it probably the largest gift you could ever give, but it will last for thousands of years and will give you a little personal satisfaction.  Take that little Jimmy, a 400 foot tall living birthday present; too bad you won’t be around to enjoy it!

DIY Giant Sequoia Tree

Grow Your Own World’s Largest Tree

  • Everything you need to grow your own Giant Sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum).
  • Giant Sequoias are the world’s largest living thing.
  • Grows well in almost any climate.
  • Guaranteed to grow (any issues, just contact manufacturer).
  • Includes: seeds, growing medium, little stones, a mini-greenhouse, and detailed instructions.
  • Dimensions: Well, the packaging measures: approx. 5.25″ tall, but the tree might grow (eventually) up to 400 feet tall!

You can purchase the DIY Giant Sequoia at ThinkGeek for $8.99.  If you are into growing trees but want something smaller, take a look at the Bonsai Tree Kit.

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