Grow Your Own World’s Hottest DIY Pepper

Grow Your Own World's Hottest DIY Pepper

I know that many of you love hot peppers. Not me. I’m a wimp. But for some of you, the hotter the better. If you love peppers that give you a three alarm fire, you can grow your own with the Grow Your Own World’s Hottest DIY Pepper.Grow Your Own World's Hottest Pepper

Just add water and sunlight and you can grow your own Trinidad Scorpion Pepper. In case you weren’t aware, that is one of the hottest peppers in the world. The hotness measures about 1.4 million SHU. That’s insane. You are going to be in some serious agony.

Grow Your Own World’s Hottest DIY Pepper

  • Just add sunlight, water, and love, and you’ll begin seeing sprouts within about 10-15 days (of course, actual pepper cultivation will take longer than that and require more care).
  • You’ll be growing your own Trinidad Scorpion Pepper (a Capsicum Chinese cultivar).
  • Scoville Heat Rating: up to 1,400,000.
  • Can Dimensions: 2.6″ diameter x 3.75″ tall

It gets it’s name from the pointed end, which resembles the stinger of a scorpion. Plus it has quite a sting to it. This grow your own kit is just $5.99 from Thinkgeek.

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