Squirrel in Log Plant Pot

Squirrel in Log Plant Pot

If Bob Ross (you know, the squirrel-loving landscape painter on PBS) were still alive, he definitely would’ve snapped up this irresistible Squirrel in Long Plant Pot for himself.

No matter if you love or hate squirrels, the squirrel in the log is your plant’s guardian angel and will become your best bud. Its main purpose in life is to monitor your plant’s level of high-quality H2O.

Squirrel in Log Plant PotHow does it work? Instead of watering your plant the old-fashioned way, i.e. adding water on top of the soil, there is a water reservoir that feeds your plant from the bottom up. Not exactly hydroponic technology, but close. Once your plant and water lines are in place, add water to the reservoir from the side spout, and Mr. Squirrel’s head will bob up to the top. If his head sinks below the hole, that means your plant wants a refill. This isn’t a typical feature you’d find in other plant pots on the market.

This planter is going to be popular with the kids for sure. It’s a good tool for teaching them about responsibility and for getting them excited about plants and critters in general. Sort of like how Bob Ross got his audience excited about nature and squirrels through his beautiful paintings.

Log and Squirrel Plant Pot

Log and Squirrel Plant Pot

  • The cute little squirrel is an indicator of when your plants need watering
  • Great gift for anyone who like quirky plant presents
  • Available in Green or Pink
  • Pot volume: 500ml
  • Water reservoir max volume: 275ml
  • Made from plastic
  • Measures approximately 15cm H x 12.5cm W x 12.5cm D

The Squirrel in Log Plant Pot can be found on Firebox.com for £21.49, which is about €25 or $35 US. You have your choice of a brown pot with green interior or one with pink interior.

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