Inflatable Roller Wheel

Inflatable Roller Wheel

The best toys in my opinion, aren’t those that are incredibly high-tech or computer based. Rather, I think it’s a lot more fun to go outdoors for a walk or a dip in the pool. Let your child draw up a storm with the My First Wooden Laptop and when the skies clear, give them a go at the Inflatable Roller Wheel.

The Inflatable Roller Wheel is pretty versatile, as you can also use it indoors if you prefer. It sort of reminds me of the wheel that hamsters run around on in their cages, so you can also use it as a tool to get your kids to exercise and move while having fun. More than that, it can also serve as a quirky reading chair on the side, too.

Inflatable Roller Wheel

A great addition to any playroom (and just as much fun outdoors), the Inflatable Roller Wheel is so simple it’s brilliant. Inflate it with the included pump and your little ones can happily trundle around inside it like hamsters in a wheel.

But it’s not just a nifty way for kids to get about. The Roller Wheel is also a great place for older kids to sit and read, watch TV, or play games. On its side it’s also a great hidey hole or the beginnings of a fort.

The Inflatable Roller Wheel is available for pre-order at Firebox for £39.99 ($65).

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