True Utility Telepen Telescopic Keychain Pen

Telepen Telescopic Keychain Pen

I recently went on a trip and went through a lot of trouble when I realized that I had left my pen at home and had a ton of forms to fill out at the airport. The first few times, I just borrowed a pen from the person beside me. He eventually threw me an irate look, so I decided to go to a store at the airport and buy a pen–and you know how much they overcharge the stuff they sell at the airport. Ouch!

You never know when you might need a pen, so better latch this one on to your keychain: the True Utility Telepen Telescopic Keychain Pen. It collapses into a tiny cigarette-shaped keychain so it’s not bulky at all. And really, would you leave your home without your keys?

There are a lot of other pens that are more than meets the eye that you might want to check out too, like the Multi-Gadget Pen, 3-in-1 Pen, and the Ultimate Geek Pen.

Telepen Telescopic Keychain Pen

Telepen Telescopic Keychain Pen

It’s a full length pen that is as small as your house key and hangs from your keychain. This stainless steel beauty extends telescopically to just over 4.5″ so you can write comfortably. When you’re done, just pop it back down to less than half its size and it goes back to being a mild-mannered keychain. The Telepen even comes with three refills, because you are really going to use it that much!

  • Stainless steel ball point pen fits on your keychain
  • Telescopic – goes from less than 2″ long to just over 4.5″ long
  • 3 refills included (black ink)
  • Perfect for those times when you totally forgot a pen

The Telepen Telescopic Keychain Pen is available from ThinkGeek for $7.99. You can also order them from and

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