Pregnant Woman Keychain with Fetus

Pregnant Woman Keychain - See The Fetus

Fans of fertility, procreation, and gag gifts, have we got the keychain for you. Some people get freaked out by the sight of ultrasound photos posted on Facebook, but that’s nothing compared to the looks of this Pregnant Woman Keychain with Fetus.

Not only is the woman naked which is already a shocker for most, she is also see-through. This is so your eyes can behold the beautiful baby in her belly. Though the woman has no hands or feet, I’m sure she’d be barefoot if she did have feet.

Keychains don’t get much stranger than this Pregnant Woman Keychain. It’s a torso of a pregnant woman’s body with a little fetus floating around inside her protruding belly. (curled up in that fetal position, we can’t tell if it’s a girl or a boy) To make this weird item even weirder, you can actually pop out the ball and “deliver” the baby. The Pregnant Woman Keychain will make a delightful gift for a baby shower, expectant mother, or anyone who cherishes really disturbing knick-knacks.

You always hear the expression of women “popping out babies,” but with this particular keychain that’s exactly what’s going on. In case you were wondering, it doesn’t accurately re-enact the conventional delivery of babies, but the fetus in a ball will pop right out from the belly for your amusement. No umbilical cords to cut. No screaming, moaning, or crying. If only it were that easy.

Surely, you haven’t seen a keychain quite like this. What’s next? The postpartum nursing mother and baby keychain?

Celebrate the miracle of life and buy the Pregnant Woman Keychain with Fetus at Baron Bob for $4.99. That’s a lot cheaper than a real pregnant woman.

More disturbing than fetal keychains and naked women are fetuses you can eat, such as the Gummy Fetus and cookies made from the Fetus Cookie Cutter.


    • The companies I bought the pregnant woman keychain from no longer
      carry it. What a bummer! Please let me know if you wholesale this item.

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