Stylish Pink Mustaches for Girls

Stylish Pink Mustaches for Girls

Remember that pack of Seven Deadly Mustaches that was featured on GeekAlerts earlier, where any man can choose from seven select mustaches to suit his mood and need? While girls can just grab some ‘staches from that set if they wanted to, most probably they can’t help but feel too masculine since the mustaches are just so darn bold and black. This is why I think some girls who dig mustaches will be into these Stylish Pink Mustaches for Girls.

Like it’s male counterpart, this set contains seven mustaches in a powdery pink color, making each mustache look supremely prim and girly at the same time. Girls can choose to don the Bollywood mustache or mosey along with the Cowgirl on their upper lip. Perfect for gags, Halloween, costume parties, or simply for goofing around.

Stylish Pink Mustaches for Girls

Everyone loves a mustache, but why do boys get to have all the fun? This set of seven stylish mustaches is made specifically to accentuate feminine features. Each furry lip ornament has adhesive backing and is made of synthetic hair in a girlish shade of pink. Goes great with almost any outfit! Illustrated blistercard.

  • A New ‘tache For Every Day Of The Week
  • Pink is best
  • Makes You Irresistable
  • The Bollywood, The Heoine, The Manly Missus, The Freida, The Lip Liner, The Cowgirl and The Grandma
  • Shocking!

Each set of Stylish Pink Mustaches for Girls is priced from $2.59 on

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  1. Fantastic always fancied a pink tickler!!

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