Doctor Who Pink TARDIS Journal

At last, a Doctor Who journal that women will love. This Doctor Who Pink TARDIS Journal will be more likely to color coordinate with your dress or shoes…or whatever. Use it to write love letters to your favorite Doctor or document your own exciting adventures. […]

pink and blue Cosplay LolitaWig with Pony Tails

Pink and Blue Cosplay Wig

While many people are born with beautiful locks of hair, you can bet your bottom dollar that nobody possesses naturally pink and blue hair like the characters in anime. To achieve a more distinct cartoon character look, don’t dye your hair. Instead, sport a bodacious, […]

Stylish Pink Mustaches for Girls

Stylish Pink Mustaches for Girls

Remember that pack of Seven Deadly Mustaches that was featured on GeekAlerts earlier, where any man can choose from seven select mustaches to suit his mood and need? While girls can just grab some ‘staches from that set if they wanted to, most probably they […]

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DreamTime LED Clock

The pink pyramid-shaped DreamTime ($40) LED clock produces a variety of beautiful colors and announces the time with a gentle chime and flashes of light every hour and half hour. Touch it and it chimes the exact time. (Via Shiny Shiny)