Rook’s Rook Amazing Lego Creation

Rook Tower Lego Creation

This amazing Lego creation designed and built by Rook is absolutely incredible! The Rook’s Rook has four quadrants that interlock together to form a rook/castle. Then the four quadrants can be turned to form the secondary mode, a tower. Each of the four quadrants has 4 tiers, and details about on each and every one of them.

We’ve posted about other incredible Lego sculptures in the past, such as the recent Lego Heavy Assault Tank, but the huge scale and intricate details of The Rook’s Rook make it my new favorite.

Rook Fortress Lego Creation

Details abound inside and out. Keep looking at the pictures and more and more amazing features of this Lego creation will keep jumping out at you. Highlights include a chess set, bone-tree, space vehicles, missile batteries, a disco, movie theater, and more.

Inside Amazing Lego Creation

These pictures were taken on April 20, 2011 using a Canon PowerShot SD780 IS Elph digital camera.

See more pictures of this and other amazing Lego creations on Rook’s Photostream on Flickr. You’ll want to look at all the pictures to see the incredible details, including all the illuminated sections in Rook’s Rook.

(Via The Brothers Brick)

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  1. i checked out the flickr – pretty amazing. how long did this take?

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