Mini Mez-Itz Batmobile with Batman

Mini Mez-Itz Batmobile with Batman

When you need a hero and you’re in a jam, what are you going to do?  I’ll tell you what you do; you whip out the Batman Light Signal Keychain and wait.  Let’s just hope that the real Batman shows up and not this Mini Mez-Itz Batmobile with Batman.  While this Batmobile and Batman action figure look great and are a lot of fun to play with, I don’t really think they can help you in an emergency.  The Batmobile has a removable top and two seats so this 2″ tall Batman can ride inside.  If you figure out a way to shrink yourself down to size, you could join him.

Mini Mez-Itz Batmobile and Batman

With 5 points of articulation, this Batman is ready to take on all of Gotham City’s evildoers.  When you run out of local evildoers, and you will with this little guy on the job, don’t be afraid to mix it up a little.  I’ve always wanted to see Batman take down a Vintage Kenner Stormtrooper or maybe battle the TMNT Chrome Fugitoid Figure.

Mini Mez-Itz Batmobile with Batman

  • A tiny 2″ Batman and his trusted steed: the Batmobile!
  • Batman has 5 points of articulation, including a ball jointed head (for seeing evildoers no matter where they hide).
  • Batman also has a real cloth cape!
  • The Batmobile has a removable top, so Batman (and a friend) can actually ride inside.
  • The Batmobile also features a detailed cockpit and tinted windows (so Batman can really see out).

You can purchase the Mini Mez-Itz Batmobile with Batman at ThinkGeek for $19.99.

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