Make Your Own Chocolate Pizza Kit

Make Your Own Chocolate Pizza Kit

As with everything else, food is evolving. Pizza just isn’t meant to be made out of just dough anymore, and chocolate isn’t meant to be enjoyed just as a dessert anymore. In fact, you can put the two together nowadays and come up with some fantastic chocolate pizza. How? You can get started with one of these Make Your Own Chocolate Pizza Kits.

No need to pop the entire “pie” into the oven, either. You just need to melt down some chocolate, top the whole thing with marshmallows and sprinkles and other sweet treats, and slice it up before it sets to enjoy an all new sort of pizza-slash-dessert.

Make Your Own Chocolate Pizza

Make Your Own Chocolate Pizza Kit

Whether it’s a cup of tea or a roast dinner, homemade is always best. So when we discovered the Make Your Own Chocolate Pizza Kit we were in the kitchen with sleeves rolled up and aprons on faster than you can say “that’s amore”.

Just melt the quality Belgian choc-drops in the microwave and pour them into the metal pizza pan. Then sprinkle with all the milk chocolate buttons, white chocolate curls, jelly beans and rainbow drops you like. Better yet, why not add your favorite crumbled-up biscuits, crushed nuts, dried fruit, sliced-up chocolate bars, or yet more melted chocolate?

The Make Your Own Chocolate Pizza Kit is available from Firebox for £12.99 ($20.)

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