LEGO 3MP Digital Camera

LEGO 3MP Digital Camera

LEGO fans that remember the LEGO Play and Build Wii Remote will definitely like the LEGO 3MP Digital Camera.  This working LEGO styled digital camera holds up to 80 pictures before you can easily download them via the USB cable.  With a 1.5″ LCD screen and 3 megapixel photo resolution, you’re kids are going to love playing with this camera.  Just think, a few years ago these specs would have qualified this as a top-tier digital camera.

LEGO Working 3MP Digital Camera

LEGO 3MP Digital Camera

Kids of all ages love their LEGOs! Now you can have a real 3MP Digital Camera that looks like it is made of LEGO bricks! Take high quality pictures with the built-in flash, fixed focus and digital zoom and view them on the 1.5″ LCD screen. Holds up to 80 photos.
Plus, you can have even more fun because it is a LEGO Digital Camera – build right onto the top and bottom of the camera to make a stand or any kind of crazy creation. Let your imagination go wild!
Package includes: LEGO Digital Camera, Quick Start Guide, and Rechargeable Lithium Battery.

You can purchase the LEGO 3MP Digital Camera at from $50 and at Barnes and Noble for $59.95. also has a pink version for $59.89.

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