Hamster Racer Set

Hamster Racer Set

Raise your hand if you had a hamster or have one now. Almost all of us did and you probably had the hamster wheel too. I always enjoyed watching that little guy run like the wind on that wheel, but somehow it just never felt right. It’s kind of like running on a treadmill; a lot of work, but what do you really accomplish? You never went anywhere and while we can grasp the concept of exercise, that poor little fluff ball is probably totally confused. Well, the Hamster Racer Set is here to give your little pet some proper exercise and will provide you with hours of fun.

Pet Hamster Racer Set

This little hamster mobile comes in four colors and allows you to let the little guy run free through the house without worrying where he will end up. Watch as he propels that little car around and around and actually gets to go somewhere besides sitting in his cage. The Hamster Racer Set allows you to use several different setups, one of which includes an actual race track.

As well as giving critters a good workout, owners won’t have to worry about keeping tabs on their pet every time it needs a bit of a run around. After all you can’t really miss a brightly colored comedy vehicle with a gerbil behind the wheel. But if you think you might, simply set the wheel to stationary mode so your pet can exercise without cruising around the house.

Hamster Car Set
Hamster racer SetHamster Race Car Set

  • Critter Cruiser is an interactive exercise toy that requires adult supervision
  • Several exercise periods a day for no longer than 25min recommended
  • Critter Cruiser is available in a variety of colors including red, blue, yellow or pink. Color of the critter cruiser is random and can not be stipulated
  • 3 different wheel positions
  • Position 1: Racing on the Hamtrack
  • Position 2: Racing on the Floor
  • Position 3: Spinning in place

You can purchase the Hamster racer Set from Firebox starting at £18.99 and at Amazon.com for $15.


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